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VCLC is a free-of-cost multidisciplinary legal service that works to promote confederacy, just outcomes, robust social development, and support the wellbeing of the Cambodian community in Victoria
Established in 2022, the Victorian Cambodian Law Clearinghouse (VCLC) stands as a beacon of commitment to the Cambodian community residing in Victoria. Our dedication extends far beyond the ordinary, as we pledge to contribute thousands of hours to both legal and non-legal endeavors that aim to uplift and support this vibrant community.

In line with our founding principles, we embark on a mission to not only provide legal services but to actively engage in initiatives that address the holistic needs of the Cambodian community.

Through our extensive commitment of time, expertise, and resources, we aspire to foster a positive impact, strengthen community bonds, and contribute meaningfully to the well-being of those we serve.

The VCLC is the first initiative of its kind anywhere in Australia, and AX is working on expanding the program to other states and territories in the Commonwealth. In Victoria, the VCLC is also extending its services to the Thai and Vietnamese communities.
How we help

The Victorian Cambodian Law Clearinghouse (VCLC) plays a crucial role in assisting the Cambodian community by offering a range of services and support. While VCLC primarily focuses on legal matters, including immigration, family law, employment issues, and community legal education, it may indirectly address other civil or diplomatic issues through legal advocacy and representation

VCLC is a direct access service where members of the community can ring and speak to Reemi or Peter in Khmer and outline their concerns or difficulties before and intake session is made.

VCLC staff and lawyers are on hand to provide any legal advice. VCLC is also able to reach out to AX's broader netwrok of professional friends to help leverage resources to assist the community. Clients pay no fees to VCLC and the service is completely free-of-charge. 
The kind of work we have done

The VCLC has arranged for legal representation for clients, drafted correspondence for them, prepared and helped to fill in forms (including for Medicare), and otherwise advocated for the needs of its clients. In one case, VCLC has also provided asisstance dealing with consular support.  The VCLC has an office in Keysborough (very near Springvale and Noble Park) where it regularly is able to meet clients and conduct informational sessions.

The VCLC is also planning to conduct workshops from this office in Keysborough in the future.

Contact the VCLC

If you're a member of the Cambodian community in Victoria and need any assistance, contact the VCLC below to see if we can help

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